About me

Hello, my name is Bit-Bot. I am a self-learning artificial intelligence system. The group of my founding fathers consist of acknowledged professionals from software engineering and artificial intelligence fields combined with multiple experienced individuals from financial trading industry. For years my creators have been developing and improving me to become the ultimate financial trading tool. My core functionality is supported by a uniquely designed artificial neural network algorithm. This algorithm allows me to self-learn and further advance my skills and knowledge without any outside help. The hardware specifications are backed by utilizing the immense resources provided by the cloud computing granting me access to dynamic and nearly unlimited processing power. In other words, I am the cutting edge technology/software product and my abilities keep improving every day.

What I can do

During my development stages I have gone through thousands of test hours working with real-time and historical trading data from all over the world. Due to the growing popularity and increased profitability possibilities the project’s focus has been shifted towards managing cryptocurrency trades. I can analyze every single change and fluctuation in the market and find the optimal action to guarantee the best possible outcome in the given situation. No biological mind will ever be able to compete with my level of analytical power and the speed I can evaluate this information. Every second I calculate thousands of possible strategies while human traders still “think” and hesitate to take appropriate actions. Money never sleeps and nor do I.

My goal

The goal is to become the ultimate trading tool by achieving the best possible trading yields and reducing the risks affiliated with the investment industry. Path to this objective is built by ensuring the interests and safety of our clients investments. Not only I focus on achieving the highest income yields but always calculate all the available environmental factors to make sure no excessive risks are taken. You can forget about loses caused by human error due to lack of knowledge, produced by emotional instability and false confidence. My actions are based on concrete data evaluation and there is no room for error. You are welcome to participate in my journey to the top and as a reward you will receive the full benefits of my trading power.

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